Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge Chapter 1: Northern Peninsula and Bonne Bay – Contributors, Co-Authors, Participants, Supporters

Those Who Shared Their Knowledge In Person

Lambert & Jocelyn Kennedy, Port au Choix Bill & Elaine Myers, Castors River North Val Cull, Port Saunders
Jeannie Billard, Port au Choix
Dwight Spence, Port au Choix
Millicent Billard, Port au Choix
Ralph O’Keefe, Port au Choix
Stella Mailman, Port au Choix
Loretta and Sid Torraville, Port au Choix Edna Cadet, Port au Choix
Robert (Bobby) Spence, Port au Choix Ben Ploughman, Port au Choix Melvina Spence (Millie), Port au Choix Carolyn Lavers, Port au Choix
Everett Osmond, Woody Point
Derek Young, Glenburnie
Tom & Doris Sheppard, Trout River
Maude & Hounsell Neill, Norris Point
Anita Best, Norris Point
Allison Eaton, Norris Point
Glenda Reid Bavis, Cow Head
Bob Hicks & Sue Rendell, Norris Point
Shirley Montague, Norris Point
Joe Reid, Norris Point
Elsie Howell, Norris Point
George Mancel Halfyard, Woody Point
Raymond Cusson, Birchy Head-Shoal Brook
Michael Burzynski & Anne Marceau, Rocky Harbour Rendell Howell, Norris Point
Louise Decker, Norris Point
Rodney Howell, Neddy’s Harbour
Zack Sacrey, Norris Point
Marvin Hughes, Green Island Brook
Jarvis Walsh, Flowers Cove
Darlene Maher, Bird Cove
Cliff Flynn, Blue Cove
Richard May, Bird Cove
Elva Spence, Plum Point
Ann-Marie Cunard, Plum Point
Patsy Hughes, Green Island Brook
Mary Foley, Conche
Scott Patey, Conche
Gerald Fitzgerald, Conche
Michael (Mick) Symmonds, Conche
Gary Carroll, Conche
Bridget Carroll, Conche
Mary Jane Simmonds, Conche
Frank Kearney, Conche
Lawrence (Lar) Casey, Conche
Joan Simmonds, Conche
Mariella Kearney, Conche
Barbara Genge, Main Brook
Bella Hodge, St. Anthony
Wesley Pilgrim, Main Brook
Alonzo Pilgrim, St. Anthony Bight
Isabella Pilgrim, Main Brook
Olive Elliott, Main Brook
George Elliott (Uncle George), Main Brook
Marie Hill, Gunners Cove
William F. Bartlett, Quirpon
John W. Hedderson, Straitsview
Gwen and Steven Knudsen, St. Lunaire-Griquet
Guy Bussey, St. Lunaire-Griquet

Additional Contributors

Kaitlin Costello, Pasadena
(grand-daughter of Lambert and Jocelyn Kennedy) Robin Park, Conche
Enid Foley, Conche
Alice Flynn, Conche
Marie Bourgeois, Port Saunders
Kristen Lowitt, St. John’s
Strat Canning, St. John’s
Dr. Barbara Neis, St. John’s
Lisa Wilson, St. John’s
Tony Bowdring, DFO, St. John’s
Karen Newman, DFO, Cornerbrook
Sean St. George, Red Ochre Regional Board

And the Students of Sacred Heart All-Grade School in Conche

Nathan Foley
Derek Gardiner
Jonathan Bromley
Michael Bromley
Sarah Bromley
Alana Symmonds
Maurice Lewis
Samantha Flynn
Kyra Symmonds
Connor Power
Chelby Symmonds
Toni Kearney
Gregory Kearney
Brady Talbot

Funding and Support

As part of her PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies at Memorial University of Newfoundland, this Chapter of the Encyclopedia is Pam Hall’s central creative research project. It was supported by Memorial University, the Community-University Research for Recovery Alliance (CURRA) and The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).


The artist acknowledges the incredible generosity of the contributors and supporters who shared not just their knowledge, but their time.

It was a gift for which I am deeply grateful.

It is in the sharing of knowledge that it comes alive, gains meaning and invites understanding.

Pam Hall