Chapter 1 pages tagged cod

There are also Chapter 2 pages tagged cod.

  • Cod Landings in Conche
  • What is Remembered about Cod Traps
  • On food, cooking and eating in Conche
  • LEK on Groundfish and Pelagics in Ingornachoix Bay- 2001-2002
  • On Commercial Species Around Brig Bay
  • On the Inshore Fisheries in the Strait of Belle Isle
  • Longliner, Dragger, Seiner
  • Kinds of Knowledge in Mariella Kearney's Book
  • Net Knowledge: On relations between species and mesh size
  • On Low Technology, Work by Hand and Memory Loss
  • Published Knowledge: On Local Signage, Pamphlets and Museums
  • How To Salt Cod
  • On the Price of Fish in Rocky Harbour
  • Trap Skiff
  • Making Fish: On Fish Processing in Conche