Chapter 1 pages tagged language

There are also Chapter 2 pages and Chapter 3 pages tagged language.

  • Bark-Tanning
  • On the Anatomy of Vessels and the Language of Boats
  • On food, cooking and eating in Conche
  • Dory or Flat
  • On the Vocabulary of Knitting
  • On the Naming of Places: towards The People's Map of Bonne Bay
  • What Louise knows about Lobster Pots
  • On the Loss of Names in Conche
  • On Low Technology, Work by Hand and Memory Loss
  • Published Knowledge: On Local Signage, Pamphlets and Museums
  • Punts and Rodneys
  • Excerpts from a Glossary of Sealing Terms
  • On Change and Forgetting: What Kaitlin Knows about the Passing of Knowledge