Chapter 2 pages tagged language

There are also Chapter 1 pages and Chapter 3 pages tagged language.

  • Drawing Down Knowledge: Talking About Punts with Melvin Combden
  • On Collecting Communal Knowledge about Local Berries
  • What Jim Edwards Knows about Battening and Bracing
  • Keeping Punts Traditional on Fogo Island
  • On Knowing What Dad Does At Work: Snow Crab in Fogo
  • On Looping a Wit in Joe Batt's Arm
  • Seeing Deep: Naming Invisible Ground
  • On Remembering Places on the Water: Mapping Local Fishing Grounds
  • Making the Beds at the Fogo Island Inn
  • Knowing Our Place: On Pond-Naming in Tilting
  • Talking Across Traditions: On Conversations Between Boats and Chairs
  • On Knowing the Parts of a Punt
  • Ways of Weather-Knowing on Fogo and Change Islands
  • On Women and the Preservation of Knowledge: Remembering Recipes on Change Islands
  • On Loving Local Language in Change Islands
  • On the Utility of the Whis Whas
  • Woodfinding: On Seeing Boats in Trees