Chapter 2 pages tagged shrimp

There are also Chapter 1 pages tagged shrimp.

  • Who Knows What Where in Shoal Bay and Fogo: Preliminary Mappings 2014
  • Who Knows What Where: Hunting Knowledge in Joe Batt's Arm, Barr'd Island and Tilting - 2014
  • Against Isolation: Selling Local Fish to Global Markets
  • On Navigating Multiple Knowledge Systems: Marks, Maps and Memories
  • Seeing Deep: Naming Invisible Ground
  • How to Avoid Bycatch While Trawling for Shrimp
  • Understanding Fishing: On Trawling for Shrimp in Notre Dame Bay
  • Working Together: Revealing Commonplace Knowledge
  • Who Knows What Where on Fogo Island: Going Where You're Pointed