Chapter 3 pages tagged spruce root

  • Conjuring a Basket From MemoryEltu'n Pa'skit Ta'n Telmukwite'tmn
  • Working in Place: Seeing Baskets in the BushNemituan Lipkeniknn Ktuatq~tuk
  • Sewing Birch Bark and the Roots of Boat-buildingEli'sm~k Maskwi Aqq Wjipiskl Wjit Eltmk Kwitn
  • Making Do: Conjuring a Skin Boat on the LandMimatua'teken: Eltmk Kwitn Na'taqmtuk
  • Gathering Spruce Root for Canoes and BasketsMawo'tu'nl Kawatwie'l Wjipiskl Wjit Kwitnn Aqq Pu'taliewe'l Eltmk